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Lidner Hotels Interlaken AG, Lidner Hotel Beau Rivage
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Lidner Hotels Interlaken AG, Lidner Hotel Beau Rivage

Info Guests are welcomed with culinary finesse at the restaurant L'Ambiance in the Lindner Grand Hotel Beau Rivage in Interlaken. Right from the start of the day in the morning, there is a rich Swiss style gourmet breakfast with a wide variety of produce specific to the local region. The range of options on offer on the menu is based on the time of year and includes regional and international specialities. You are able to enjoy Swiss cheese delicacies on special occasions in the exceptional atmosphere of this historical Fondue-Stübli. Although the restaurant L'Ambiance is closed on Sunday and Monday evenings, the kitchen offers the à la carte menu to guests during these two weekdays, either the...

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