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Restaurant Attisholz Gaststube
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Restaurant Attisholz Gaststube

Info At lunchtime and in the evening in the refined lounge of the Swiss restaurant Attisholz, in Riedholz, you will find original, fresh and surprising dishes. There is a great amount of variety and much of the food comes from the philosophy of the Attisholz restaurant. Cordon Bleu creations such as Turbot with saffron mousse and freshly picked wild garlic, Bison ‘black & white’ with baby peas and vegetables, or Catalan curd mousse with Gianduja (sweet chocolate containing about 30% hazelnut paste), and wild blueberries are served from the kitchen. The menu choice changes according to the time of year and the fresh produce available at the time. In addition to the seasonal dishes on the menu,...

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