Online Advertising Information

We are sometimes asked by travel business operators about advertising possibilities on this web site. Following are all of the currently available options for advertising on the AllTravels website. Please note that this is a travel related site and we probably won't accept non travel related advertising.

Site Targeted Google Adwords Placements

Information NEW :: We are now offering CPM banner advertising slots site-wide via DoubleClick for Publishers, part of the Google Advertising Network.

Useful tip DoubleClick is Media Rating Council certified, and is in compliance with the Interactive Advertising Bureau standard for display ad impression measurement. Click here to learn more about IAB compliance

Information Please use the online contact form to get started from $1 CPM, perfect for branding any travel related business. Online Contact Form

Site Targeted Google Adwords Placements

Information If you have an Adwords account you can place both text and image/media ads on this site via site placement targeting on the Google Advertising Network. Click here to open the Google Display Ad Planner

Useful tip A placement can refer to several things, such as the entire website, specific sections or pages on the site, or an individual ad unit positioned on a single page. Click here to learn more about site targeted Google Adwords placements

Free Travel Business Listings

Information Travel business owners and managers, you can list your business on this website, boost your direct traffic, reach your customers when they're making plans and/or ready to book. Absolutely FREE for any genuine travel related business operator, anywhere in the world!