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Khmer-world News presents News from CambodiaTraditional Cast Net Fishing in Rain-Swollen Rice Paddy Stream - Suong, CambodiaLive Peeled FrogsAngkor Wat BBC Documentary Description Video Siem ReipSihanoukville, CambodiaIn Phnom Penh (Bars, Clubs, hot girls)Cambodian Porn Video TaxiPattaya Girls - Songkran 2009 - Dancingシェムリアップ平壌レストラン喜び組のお遊戯②20090923211005The Kathen Festival in CambodiaBattambang, Cambodia Bamboo Train (Norry): Choo Choo!Cuộc giẫm đạp kinh hoàng ở CampuchiaĐộng Thiên đường - Quảng Bình (Paradise cave in Quang Binh, Vietnam)Temples of Angkor, Cambodia in 4K (Ultra HD)Cambodia: Sihanoukville Nightlife 2012 ក្រុងព្រះសីហនុThe Street Kids of Phnom PenhQuay từ dướiសើចទៀតហើយសប្ដាហ៍នេះជាមួយនឹងការសម្ដែង show ក្រុម Mrr ពៅ។Crocodile Feeding in Cambodiatượng Phật Di Lạc ngồi lớn nhất Việt Nam & Đông Nam ÁDémonstration de Kbach kun boran khmer au restaurant Mondial à Siem Reap VF mpgCambodia // Sihanoukville - Koh Rong - Koh Ta Kiev // GoPro + Phantom] Part 2Cambodia: Sihanoukville Beach 2012 ក្រុងព្រះសីហនBattambang adventures by droneKoh Kong Cambodia Movie TaTai 2010.06Cambodia aircraft carrierCAMBODIA kampong (kompong) Phluk, Tonle Sap Lake (hd-video).Street food in Siem Reap / CambodiaGreat Khmer Empire: Angkor Wat, Cambodia即將消失的世界奇景~柬埔寨吳哥窟

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