Video : Touring Mississauga on a Stromer Part 2 of 3

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Continuing the tour of Mississauga on Canada Day 2012 On Canada Day I took a tour of central Mississauga and wanted to share the experience. This is a beautiful city full of unusual and unique architectural designs, great parks and accommodating road conditions for bicycles. I took my Stromer out for the day which I thought would be best suited for the job. I embedded a description of what a Stromer Bike is in the video. In the end I posted about 10 minutes of the fireworks show at city hall, but the camera does not do justice to a fireworks show. Thank you to the Peel Regional organization services for putting on such a great weekend. Thank you to the people of Mississauga for making it a great peaceful event and of course hats off to the local Police, OPP, Fire-fighters and Paramedics.