Video : Awesome Dune Buggy Adventure! Lost in the Desert - Huacachina, Peru

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Explore the vast, untouched Pacific coast of Peru, where desert meets ocean. We get into tight squeezes, almost take a few tumbles and our dune buggy driver walks away in the desert after getting soaked by the raging ocean waves. Subscribe Here: Go To: 0:42 - Robbie crawls under the rocks 1:51 - Fil climbs and jumps on the coastline 3:05 - Fil finds the ground giving away under him from a height 4:02 - Our driver gets soaked and silently walks off into the desert beyond eyesight Episode 22 Adventuring up the Pacific Coastline, we stopped at an interesting location to climb on the rocks. Robbie even climbed under the rocks while Fil and the others took the other way around. We are just having fun exploring whatever areas we can and cannot get to. While doing so Robbie didn’t see a wave a got his sandy shoe completely soaked. The Pacific Ocean was crashing into the rocky shores that we were scaling and we had to be careful at times. At other times there were spots where the water was calmer and we found something alive besides us in this empty desert. The adventuring nature took Fil to the edge of a crumbling drop off where he was forced to jump and have Robbie catch his arm and pull him to a safer location. The ocean struck again when it soaked one side of our dune buggy drive who didn’t say anything to us ( he barely spoke English anyway ) and decided to take a long walk straight into the desert until he was so small to our eyes we could not see him. We started to look at ourselves and the buggy wondering if we were going to have to drive this thing or is our driver coming back? Huacachina is backpacker’s paradise in the southwestern desert of Peru. This small mystical village in the Ica province is a natural oasis and is featured on the 50 sole (Peru’s official currency). With enormous sand dunes on all sides, it’s a wonder the town isn’t covered by the barren desert that surrounds it. Dune Buggies and Sandboards are the way of life around here, just don’t forget to bring the water or you may be seeing a mirage. Title: Shifting Sands Composer: JDI Source: Earth unraveled is an adventure travel vlog that follows a group of lifelong friends as they poke fun at each other and joke their way around the world.