Video : Sand dunes and Sandstorms - Huacachina, Peru

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From conquering a giant sand dune to getting a dune buggy caught in a sandstorm, we explore the Pacific coast of Peru near the desert oasis of Huacachina. Subscribe Here: Go To: 2:41 - Standing on top of the dunes… with no water 4:37 - Camera bag gets filled with sand 5:18 - Dune buggy into the Desert Standstorm 6:41 - Exploring the Pacific Coast Episode 21 We started our adventure by climbing the tallest sand dune to get the best view of Huacachina. This task is easier said than done and we found that out first hand. Robbie had his shoes filled with sand while Fil was behind everyone after being mistakenly locked out of our room so he took the most direct and most difficult path up the sand dune which proved to be an incredible challenge. Peter climbed as high as he could with no water and stopped to get camera shots but had his main camera bag fall and get filled with sand. It took many many hours to clean up the mess. Later that day we booked a dune buggy tour to explore the Pacific coast which is about 1.5 hours away. On our way there we were unexpectedly met by a sandstorm which had small sand bits and stones hitting your face so we all covered up with our sunglasses and hat. After the unpleasant experience was finally over we were met with the stunning sights and scenes of the Pacific Ocean. Fil and Kevin found out how cold the Pacific Ocean was when a big wave caught them off guard and soaked them. This Pacific Coastline was vast and we took our dune buggy up the shoreline to explore more. Huacachina is backpacker’s paradise in the southwestern desert of Peru. This small mystical village in the Ica province is a natural oasis and is featured on the 50 sole (Peru’s official currency). With enormous sand dunes on all sides, it’s a wonder the town isn’t covered by the barren desert that surrounds it. Dune Buggies and Sandboards are the way of life around here, just don’t forget to bring the water or you may be seeing a mirage. Title: Desert Sands Composer: Craig Riley Source: Title: Hot Desert Day Source: Title: Desert Composer: JDI Source: Title: Fragile Shortmix Composer: Fresh Kils Earth unraveled is an adventure travel vlog that follows a group of lifelong friends as they poke fun at each other and joke their way around the world.