Video : Sandboarding the Desert Waves - Huacachina, Peru

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Sandboarding in Huacachina; Desert exploration of Peru! We take the dune buggy over some steep and thrilling edges. Wax up the sand boards and carve some fresh tracks in the untouched sand. Subscribe Here: Go To: 1:42 - Sandboarding the desert waves 3:38 - The Desert Dogs Episode 23 Our adventure through the desert took us up and down the sand dunes driving right up to the peak of the dune and when the dune buggy leaned forward it felt like we were going over the edge of a cliff! It’s an adventure because you can’t see over the edge and each dune is different so there’s no telling what lay ahead. After the shock wore off we waxed up the sandboards and carved our way down the sand dunes of Peru. Kevin being a snowboarder went down standing up on his sandboard while the rest of us lay down. We found some of the steepest sand dunes making the sandboarding much faster and more fun than expected. Even driving over the edge of the sand dune was a thrill. It felt like we were going to crash into a wall or faceplanet when we hit the bottom. On one run there were 3 desert dogs that happen to appear from nowhere. They greeted us at the bottom and were very friendly enjoying the attention they received. None of us could figure out how or why these dog were in the middle of the desert with nothing but sand in sight, but they seemed like they knew what they were doing. We kept surfing the dunes until the sun set, making it back to Huacachina just at the end of dusk. It capped off an amazing adventure covering over 100 miles this Peruvian desert. To see and do this much gave us a real desert experience we won’t forget. Huacachina is backpacker’s paradise in the southwestern desert of Peru. This small mystical village in the Ica province is a natural oasis and is featured on the 50 sole (Peru’s official currency). With enormous sand dunes on all sides, it’s a wonder the town isn’t covered by the barren desert that surrounds it. Dune Buggies and Sandboards are the way of life around here, just don’t forget to bring the water or you may be seeing a mirage. Title: Sob Story Composer: Fresh Kils Earth unraveled is an adventure travel vlog that follows a group of lifelong friends as they poke fun at each other and joke their way around the world.