Video : Miraflores Travel Guide (The Search for Ceviche) - Lima, Peru

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Lima is the capital of Peru, we explore this culture rich, coastal city in the Miraflores district. Exploring the city on foot, catching a gorgeous sunset over the Pacific Ocean. After that it's off to the treasures of Lima's night market, practicing some English with the locals and then to Al Fresco's for some amazing Ceviche and to celebrate Mikey's Birthday! Subscribe Here: Go to: 4:25 - Exploring the street market 6:02 - A group of to-be Stewardesses need our help to pass their assignment 10:08 - Ceviche dining, quite possibly the best fish we’ve ever had 12:49 - Mikey’s birthday celebration Episode 25 We arrived at Pariwana Hostel in Lima, Peru. A quick tour of the grounds revealed this hostel has everything you would need and the rooms were nice as well, but we were not here to sit still. Heading out to explore the city, we headed for the sun set and watched the city transform into night mode from on top of the cliffs outside the Larcomar shopping and entertainment center. As the evening settles in, cities offer new opportunities and that started with a night market. It featured carvings, baskets, bracelets, stones and it was interesting to see all of these hand crafted pieces. Robbie purchased a quartz stone but didn’t have his brother Peter, convinced it was a good deal so Peter negotiated the price by handing the money over to get the vendor to say “yes”. While this was happening Mikey had some stewardesses in training get his assistance with an english assignment which was to ask a list of questions and record the answers. Since they could tell from far we were tourist, it was a natural choice. When our full group moved over to this questionnaire we had the stewardesses quite nervous but one of them did a good job organizing the numbers and we began our list of questions with a few different people. There were a lot of mistranslations and laughs on both sides but we all helped each other ease the jitters out. Fil turned the session into a game show, asking questions back to the girls and trying to rearrange the rules to make this faster and more fun for everyone. He convinced them to sing Happy Birthday for Mikey and said goodbye with a classic high five. The birthday march continued through the streets of Lima and we chose our dinner at a seafood restaurant called Al Fresco. This dinner was the kind of experience we live to travel for with service and particularly the food reaching the highest levels. Al Fresco features a special dish celled Ceviche which is high quality raw fish cured in citrus juices that perform the cooking action and add wonderful flavour. Robbie is highly allergic to shellfish so he is literally trusting the restaurant with his life when he sat down for a full meal there but there was never a moment of doubt at the waiter knew exactly what dishes he could and couldn’t eat, and he loved the ceviche. Mikey’s birthday was the focus of the evening and it came to it climax when we got them to quietly bring him a birthday cake with his name written on the plate. It was an emotional moment for him as well as the crew and it was something special to share that all together. Lima is the capital of Peru located in the central coastal part of the nation's coastline. It is the largest city in country with a population of almost 10 million and is also one of the oldest cities of Peru. This historic background mixed with grand scale gives any traveler plenty of cultural nooks to explore. From the people, to the food, to entertainment and shopping centers like Larcomar built on cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Lima has everything you can ask from a city and more. Title: Mount Fuji Composer: Breuss Arrizabalaga Quintet Source: Free Music Archive Title: Jazz Samba Composer: Craig Austin Source: Earth unraveled is an adventure travel vlog that follows a group of lifelong friends as they poke fun at each other and joke their way around the world.