Video : Explore the Inca Trail - Machu Picchu Peru

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Adventure through the mountains trekking the Inca Trail. Explore native Incan culture with plants, monkeys and face painting. See how the ancient civilization adapted in their unique environment. Subscribe Here: Go To: 1:53 - Don't Eat those plants... too late 2:31 - A Monkey steals a watch 5:56 - Incan Face Painting and Dress up Episode 34 The journey hiking the Inca Trail starts at the base of the mountains in Santa Maria, Peru. Our tour guide, Marco, got our group a ride however standing in the back of an open pickup truck. He also showed us live coca plants. Apparently you're supposed to dry them out first so you don't upset your stomach... but some of us had already eaten the leaves. There is also an area cleared to dry mud bricks that are used for building structures. At a rest stop we meet a very fast monkey name Hiro who is known for stealing things out of peoples pockets and it didn't take him long to find a watch in someones pocket. Once he has something he does not want to give it back. Our group was educated about coca leaves and the importance they have for their culture. It was interesting to learn that they provided a source of energy if one is hiking the inca trail for days without food, they would carry coca leaves and water as their first choice. Before we leave our rest stop, we all had a native face painting done and we were dressed up in the local Peruvian clothing which was quite a different look for most people. Title: Tribal Music Composer: Neil Cross Source: Earth Unraveled is an adventure travel vlog that follows a group of lifelong friends as they poke fun at each other and joke their way around the world.