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Due to past problems with unsolicited marketing material we currently do not publish our email addresses, phone numbers, or postal address online. Please use the online contact form below to send us an email message via our web server.

Our entire bookable range of hotels, tours, activites, rental cars and so on is displayed on this website, and on our partner's web sites. If you can't find what you're looking for try the 'Google™ Custom Search' above, or click through to one of our partner's sites to search the most recent data.
Do you want us to quote or book something for you? Sorry but if you can't find it on, or via this site we can't book it for you. All quotes and bookings are made online in real-time via our partner's websites. We do not directly check availability, quote prices, make reservations or process payments.
Are you contacting us about advertising on this site ? If so you can click here to learn about advertising on this site. Bona fide travel related business owners may also want to pre-register for the free business listings via the link below.
Please don't contact us enquiring about online casino advertising, this is a travel related website, we have no interest in casinos.
Have you booked a hotel, rental car or a tour/activity via one of our partner sites? If so first contact the respective support team via the contact details in the confirmation email you should have received on booking completion. If that doesn't fix the problem please send us a message with as much detail as possible, especially your booking number and booking date.
Please don't contact us offering SEO, or any other online marketing services. Really, please don't waste your time, we handle this 100% in-house.
Do some details need updating for our listing of your hotel, tour, photo, video, webcam, etc? This will happen automatically the next time we update our databases from the respective data source, as long as you have already made the changes in your account at that source. (If the issue is extremely urgent send us a message about it. However you must include the relevant details and URLs in the message so we can identify the problem.)
Have you found a factual error in our databases? This data is gathered from a variety of sources and regularly updated from those sources. It may be possible for us to correct the data locally but the error will reappear at the next data update. This means the information would also have to be corrected at the original source to be a permanent fix. In any case be sure to include the URL of any page that you think has the wrong information.
Are you contacting us about YouTube videos displayed on this site ?
Click here to learn how to control embedding options on external sites for your videos.
Please don't contact us asking us to remove your Panaramio photos or YouTube videos from this site. They are not hosted by us and the data feeds by which they are displayed on this site are beyond our control. Use the links above to remove your photos or videos from the respective data feeds.
Note that once you have disabled embedding our system will automatically detect same and queue it for removal, no need to send us an email about it. (Unless the issue is extremely urgent.)
Is your hotel, webcam, photo or video wrongly located in our system? Please supply the URLs of both the current location and the correct location, otherwise we probably won't be able to identify the problem.
Is your photo or video assigned to the wrong place? There are a number of possible reasons for this as per below.
1. Our system may not yet have assigned it to the closest location to the geographical point provided by the data feed. In this case we're already working on it and it will be automatically corrected. (This may take some time as there are many millions of records to process.)
2. It may be located wrongly in the data feed, please be sure to check it's location on the map, and adjust it if it not correct. Our system will pick this up in time, but if you let us know after you've made the correction we'll flag the record for faster processing.
3. The location as per the data feed may have been changed by the owner of the photo / video since we last updated it. Again let us know and we'll take a look at the situation and do a manual update if necessary.
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