Private City Tour of Guayaquil with optional Historical Park

Private City Tour of Guayaquil with optional Historical Park is located in the destination of Guayaquil in the province of Guayas in the country of Ecuador. You can use the links below for more details, photos and reviews, and to check real time availability and pricing.

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Tour Type : Tours & Sightseeing
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Tour Duration : 3 Hours

Information Explore the city of Guayaquil on a private guided tour and learn all about the history of Ecuador. You'll also have the opportunity to visit the Historical Park (daily except Mondays) which offers an insight into the beautiful flora and fauna of Ecuador. This is a must do when visiting Guayaquil!

The city tour of Guayaquil starts with a stop at the Administration Plaza where you can see the City Hall, the Sucre Monument and the Seminario Park. The bus then takes you to the Southern Malecon 2000 where you'll appreciate the Integration Plaza with its famous Southern Marketplace and Cristal Palace. Next, visit the Olmedo Plaza and see the monument to Jose Joaquin Olmedo, a recognized Ecuadorian poet.

You'll then stop at the Morisca Tower for excellent views of the city and the famous monument of the 4 elements of the planet. You then have some time to visit the garden area of the Malecon in which many tropical plants can be seen. The, head over to the oldest neighborhood of the city where you'll have the opportunity to climb up to the Cerro Santa Ana for a breathtaking view of Guayaquil. After, you'll visit the Flower Marketplace and browse through the many colorful flowers!

Choose the Historical Park option and you'll experience the 'Old' Guayaquil with its characters, traditions and architecture. The Historical Park is divided into 3 sections:

The wild life zone: A combination of fauna and flora found in the local ecosystem as well as re-introduced extinct species. This area of the park aims to recreate the natural environment of species who are endangered in the wild.

The traditional zone: A sample of rural architecture, homemade tools and other objects from the rural way of life. In this zone, you'll also find a typical Hacienda and mini-plantations.

The urban zone: Displays the way of life in Guayaquil during the 1900's, with all the architectural elements and constructions of the Public Plaza.

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Private City Tour of Guayaquil with optional Historical Park
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