Photos Of Trangisvaag Bygd, Faroe Islands

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Photos Of Trangisvaag Bygd

TvøroyriHvannhagi LakeTrongisvágurTrongisvágur, Suðuroy 18.05.2013Klappjaktin í TrongisvágiVøllurin við Stórá hjá TB, Trongisvágur, FøroyarVið Stórá Football Field, TB Tvøroyri, Trongisvágur, Faroe IslandsTvøroyri and Trongisvágur, Seen from Traðarvegur, 5 April 2012, Faroe IslandsFótbóltsvøllurin við Stórá, Trongisvágur, Faroe Islands, New Football Field of TB TvøroyriUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledViðarlundin í Trongisvági, The Park of Trongisvágur and Gluggarnir, the Highest Mountain in Suðuroy, Faroe IslandsInni í Viðarlundini í Trongisvági, Suðuroy, FøroyarThe Park in Trongisvágur, Faroe IslandsTrongisvágur, Viðarlundin the Park and Stórá, a River, Suduroy, Faroe IslandsViðarlundin í Trongisvági - Inside the Park of Trongisvágur, Faroe IslandsTrongisvágsvegur and the Park of Trongisvágur, Faroe IslandsTrongisvágur, Tvøroyri and Trongisvágsfjørður, Suðuroy, Faroe IslandsTrongisvágur, Tvøroyri and Froðba, seen from HvalbiarvegurHvalbiarvegur, Trongisvágur, Faroe IslandsViðarlundin í Trongisvági og Gluggarnir, Suðuroy, FøroyarTraðarvegur, Trongisvágur - Tvøroyri, Faroe IslandsLíðin, The Sports Hall and Camping in Trongisvágur, Faroe IslandsRoad in Øravík, Faroe IslandsHotel Øravík, Suðuroy, Faroe IslandsSheepLítla DímunLítla DímunVið RangáTrongisvágur Faroe IslandsOvari Vegur, Tvøroyri, Faroe Islands, View towards westTrongisvagur, Faroe IslandsOvari Vegur, Tvøroyri, Faroe Islands, View towards eastHvannhagi, Suðuroy, Faroe IslandsOutfields between Tovoroyri and NesHvannhagiPanoramic view on HvannhagichupetesFroðba, Faroe IslandHvannhagiThis is the dream of every skipper. Sailing home in good weather with a full loadHvannhagi, a geological and natural challenge. Still in the competition of being announced the Faroese National Park. Close to cAt the bottom of the fiordThe descendant of the old Viking boat \A wiev from the local Gallery of Art. A yacht is resting before getting on to IcelandHúsið í DímunCoast of Suðuroy, from helicopterEnd of Trongisvágsfjørður