Video : Path to Black Head

Youtube travel video - 'Path to Black Head'. This is a top rated video clip taken in the destination of Port Clyde in the state of Maine in the country of United States. You can use the video player menu to view full screen, or click on the link below to see more videos by this publisher. All videos on this site are displayed according to YouTube Terms of Service

Using the unpatentable Wray Jittercam, I recorded the last 100 yards (or so) of the rough path to the high cliffs of Black Head (Monhegan Island, Maine). Like any good tourist, I got lost after about a minute into the walk (even though I have walked this path for 13 years (14, if you count a day-trip back in 1970)). At any rate, after I hauled my tired old ass up there and turned off the camera, I hiked down to my own "Indecision Rock" seat on the south edge of the cliff, drank some cheap wine, ate some Fig Newtons and did my annual (out-loud) reading of Evangeline by Longfellow. Perfect! (Thanks to Donna C. for the original idea with her wonderful sled ride videos!)