Video : Shripada Shrivallabhaswamy Temple..... Pithapuram, Andhra Pradesh (Pt.1)

Youtube travel video - 'Shripada Shrivallabhaswamy Temple..... Pithapuram, Andhra Pradesh (Pt.1)'. This is a top rated video clip taken in the destination of Pithapuram in the state of Andhra Pradesh in the country of India. You can use the video player menu to view full screen, or click on the link below to see more videos by this publisher. All videos on this site are displayed according to YouTube Terms of Service

Pithapuram is located in South Central Railway Zone, between Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam at a distance of 10 Kms. from Samarlakota Junction. Bharata Desa flourished as a holy land and a land of religious activities. Rivers and religious centres in this land are famous from ancient times. Among these Pithapuram is well-known. It is a divine holy 'Kshetra' of historical significance. This is situated on the river bank of Yela (Yeluru) in the Bhima region forming part of Trilingadesa'. Pithapuram is the place of origin for all important Datta Kshetras like Karanja, Kurupuram, Narsobawadi, Gangapur and Udumbara and is the birth place of Sreepada Sreevallabha who is verily Datta himself. It has become a regular practice for many devotees of Datta from all the four corners of the country to visit the native place of Sreepada relying on the information in sacred books like 'Guru Charitra'. They are uttering aloud 'Sree Datta Sreevallabha'. They wor­ship the Lord at this Kshetra and get salvation.