Video : देखे... शत्रुंजय का राजा "शेर खान" की अनोखी अदा | King of Shatranjaya's unique action of "Sher Khan"

Youtube travel video - 'देखे... शत्रुंजय का राजा "शेर खान" की अनोखी अदा | King of Shatranjaya's unique action of "Sher Khan"'. This is a top rated video clip taken in the destination of सासन गिर in the state of Gujarat in the country of India. You can use the video player menu to view full screen, or click on the link below to see more videos by this publisher. All videos on this site are displayed according to YouTube Terms of Service

देखे... शत्रुंजय का राजा "शेर खान" की अनोखी अदा | King of Shatranjaya's unique action of "Sher Khan" शत्रुंजय का राजा "शेर खान" की अनोखी अदा | King of Shatranjaya's unique action of "Sher Khan" Unique wild animal asiatic lions new habitat at shetrunji river bank jangal near liliya By any standard, the story of the Asiatic lions in the Gir Forests of Gujarat can be dubbed as a conservation success. Their numbers have risen steadily— from 20 lions in 1913 to 523 this year. So much so, it has become a tight existence in the 1,412-sq km swathe of forests across Amreli and Junagarh districts of Gujarat, which the Asiatic lions call home. The lions from Gir are now moving out, straying well beyond the designated protected area. The healthy population of lions in Gujarat—the only state in India where lions still live in the wild—is something worth celebrating. But the situation is fraught with risk. For the Asiatic lion, the issue is no longer of numbers. Survival, however, is still the issue. Is there room enough in Gir for the burgeoning lion population? Some 40 per cent of lions live largely outside the Gir protected area. From the conservation standpoint, isn't it time some of the lions were translocated to other favourable locations, a move that could secure the long-term survival of the Asiatic lion in India? There are more immediate concerns. Lions straying out of the sanctuary face dangers like being trapped in floods, getting hit by speeding vehicles, or they become targets of human action. The warning signs of the impending crisis are already there. As many as 13 lions died in the recent flash floods in the Shetrunji river in Amreli district. "The river is infamous for sudden floods. The herd of lions got caught in one of these," said an Amreli resident. Why are the lions straying out? Is it the search for food? Senior forest officials say that there is no dearth of its prey within the sanctuary. What takes the lion out of the sanctuary across the Saurashtra region is its inherently expansionist character. "This is a good sign, the lions spilling over signifies that their numbers are rising. But it also puts the onus on us to be more alert and responsive," said a senior forest official. Dr CN Pandey, the principal chief conservator of forest, Gujarat, acknowledges that protecting the lions has become more challenging over the years. "There have been a number of lion deaths on railway tracks, so we have initiated fencing along the tracks," Pandey said. The department is making several "positive interventions" in the areas outside the sanctuary where the big cats are settling. "We are developing water bodies in the areas where they may need water holes, working with NGOs to raise the awareness level of the people, and trying to bring down the response time in case of a rescue operation or a man-animal conflict situation," Pandey said. **************************** Gir India Films HD channel Getting to the world's only one channel. We are giving first time Gir forest and wildlife lovers best video-based social networking experience and first to be appeared in front of the world Because we are working last 25 years in the surrounding Gir forest area, We have more than 10000 unique, amazing and rare videos footage huge archive about Asiatic lion, leopard, biodiversity and African origin "Siddi" community. We provided most useful information about Gir forest Wildlife, Biodiversity and Endangered species Asiatic lions Unique, Ultimate and Unbelievable video footages. Do you know ? Endangered Big cat Asiatic Lion live in world's only one Habitat which is India's great Gir forest sanctuary !!! So welcome you ! we encounter Asiatic lion with you in real. So please quickly SUBSCRIBE to get Unimaginable videos, stories and information on our channel. And watch continuous Steady stream of videos from across India. Please write to us to licensing this stock footage. Reach us at: