Video : Why just Asiatic lion live only in the Gujarat's Gir sanctuary? Encounter with Biodiversity of Gir

Youtube travel video - 'Why just Asiatic lion live only in the Gujarat's Gir sanctuary? Encounter with Biodiversity of Gir'. This is a top rated video clip taken in the destination of सासन गिर in the state of Gujarat in the country of India. You can use the video player menu to view full screen, or click on the link below to see more videos by this publisher. All videos on this site are displayed according to YouTube Terms of Service

Gir India Films is the india's wildlife stock footage company. Based on Asiatic Lions and Gir forest. CREDIT BY: The Rising - Last Legion, CD Baby On behalf of: Gravel Entertainment (2:30 - 3:01) Visit our website: Like our Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Google+: Subscribe here: Do you want to watch Asiatic Lions and Gir forest wildlife Rare, Amazing and Unique videos ? So please quickly subscribe to get Unimaginable videos, stories and information. WATCH LION DOCUMENTARY for 50 YEARS OF GIR SANCTUARY - Talk on Asiatic lion conservation The two-day national seminar on `Asiatic lions' conservation in Gujarat and its future management' will begin from October 3 at Sasan-Gir. The seminar is part of the concluding ceremony of Golden jubilee celebration of Gir Sanctuary. Chief conservator of forests (wildlife), Junagadh circle, A P Singh, said that nearly 200 experts and forest officials will attend the national seminar. "The experts and resear chers will deliver lectures on the present situation of Asiatic lions in context with lions spreading outside sanctuary limits," he said. State forests and environment minister Ganpat Vasava will preside over the function. Alongside the seminar, an exhibition of paintings prepared as part of competitions held in primary, secondary and higher secondary schools on wildlife, human and wildlife and humanwildlife co-existence subjects, will also be organized.Around 3,500 students from 66 schools in 13 talukas participated in the competition. A committee will select 10 best paintings each from three ca tegories and the makers wil be given appreciation certifi cates, said Ram Ratan Nala, deputy conservator of forests, Sasan Gir (wildlife division). On the occasion, a Gir Heritage Gallery showcasing conservation efforts from the time of the Nawab o Junagadh to the present, wil also be inaugurated. "The de partment will also display messages with their photog raphs. Messages of all the Prime Ministers and Presidents and those of important dignitaries will be on dis play," Singh said. The gallery will also serve as a re search laboratory for those who want to study lions and their behaviour. An eight-minute film highlighting the conservation and growth of lions over 50 ye ars will also be screened. Singh said that 20-odd senior staffers will also be felicitated. These staffers have been working in the sanctuary for between two and three decades. **************************************************************** Gir India Films HD channel Getting to the world's only one channel. We are giving first time Gir forest and wildlife lovers best video-based social networking experience and first to be appeared in front of the world Because we are working last 25 years in the surrounding Gir forest area, We have more than 10000 unique, amazing and rare videos footage huge archive about Asiatic lion, leopard, biodiversity and African origin "Siddi" community. We provided most useful information about Gir forest Wildlife, Biodiversity and Endangered species Asiatic lions Unique, Ultimate and Unbelievable video footages. Do you know ? Endangered Big cat Asiatic Lion live in world's only one Habitat which is India's great Gir forest sanctuary !!! So welcome you ! we encounter Asiatic lion with you in real. So please quickly SUBSCRIBE to get Unimaginable videos, stories and information on our channel. And watch continuous Steady stream of videos from across India. Please write to us to licensing this stock footage. Reach us at: