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Photos Of Kachin State

This shaky bamboo bridge connects Lower Gushen with the rest of the villageGushen, like Mukegeh, consists of 3 mini villages huddled together. This is the look towards \Kachin State 2007Kachin State 2007Gushen is also the furthest point it is possible to visit inside Burma. Further on there are soldiers stationed by the SLORC - tA beatiful stretch of the riverKachin State 2007Kachin State 2007A true jungle walk... No wonder I contacted Malaria in this area! If you\'re planning on going, take anti-malarial tablets well iKachin State 2007The log was really slippery because of recent rains, and the current of the stream was really strong. Falling down into the streLooking at the mountains, far away in BurmaDulong Jiang, Yunnan, China 2007And a look at the road still aheadFirst look at Qinlandang, quite a picturesque villageDulong Jiang, Yunnan, China 2007The road hugs the bed of the Dulog Jiang riverDulong Jiang, Yunnan, China 2007从缅甸运过来的大树干和石材独龙江马库附近-老樊影像Looking to Burma 望缅甸Looking to Burma 望缅甸Tropical Rainforest 热带雨林Pepper Trees 胡椒树Bridge to Burma 中缅边境桥Thatched Roof House 茅草房Tropical Rainforest 热带雨林Coffee Trees 咖啡树Banana Trees 香蕉树Dulong Valley road 独龙峡谷公路Dulong Valley road 独龙峡谷公路Maku village 马库村Dulong Valley road 独龙峡谷公路Dulong River 独龙江China-Myanmar Border Monument 中缅边境碑Dulong River 独龙江Dulong Valley 独龙江峡谷UntitledUntitled中国云南省怒江傈僳族自治州福贡县怒江高山峡谷的村落Shatapru Kachin Baptist ChurchMahche Khar Baptist ChurchUntitled高黎贡山下的片马Beautiful house in TakkongMyitkyina CollegeMorning Scene of riverPaddy fieldBridge, on the way to Myitson

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