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Photos Of Elden

Ohra torenBomenrij in EldenPark Westerveld vanaf de dijkThe DeltaLloyd/OHRA mainoffice at Arnhem, inmidst the meadows, lovely! It is one of the highest buildings of Arnhem with only thVestas Benelux BV headquarters here in Arnhem since 11 Januari 2010: Vestas windturbines from Arhus DenmarkImpressive architecture of the Delta Lloyd OHRA building from architect Paul Dirks. 17 years after completion still very nice anFootball stadion Gelredome with movebla roof (designed by ABT) and outdoor grass treated by lamps for better growing in winter 3Catholic church Lucas at Arnhem/Elden at 31 December 2013The Plataan tree of the preceeding photo, to which the house is named. Look for the enormous trunk!An ancient estate building at Elden/Arnhem-Zuid called OosterveldThe nice architectural shape of the OHRA/DeltaLloyd building (1997) with a 78 m tall towerBapist church Arnhem-Zuid, called \Arnhem; MeinerswijkArnhem; MeinerswijkView from South-East at Gelredome stadion with a double shell roof that can be opened at nice days. The roof was designed by ABTNijmegen en de Waal, vanuit het noordenFraai gelegenEldenstaeteHet duifjehomeKleurenpaletmijn voortuinHollandwegMeinerswijkWilgenbosje, MeinerswijkMeinerswijkBallorig ArnhemArnhem_De Binnenmaten_Rietgedekte vrijstaand geschakelde woningArnhem_De Binnenmaten_Rijtje gestaffelde tweekappersArnhem; MeinerswijkArnhem; MeinerswijkArnhem; MeinerswijkArnhem luchtfoto Stadion GelredomeArnhem luchtfoto stadion GelredomeArnhemArnhemGezicht op Arnhem van MeinerswijkHope Mill in Arnhem.UntitledTribunusallee 41ArnhemTussen Arnhem Zuid en DrielTussen Arnhem Zuid en DrielArnhemReflectie ondergaande zon in het water van Park Westerveld, Arnhem (Elden)UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled