Photos Of Balimbing, Philippines

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Photos Of Balimbing

Symphyllia recta. Philippines. Surface texture of valleys. Photograph: Charlie Veron.Montipora hirsuta. Philippines. Colony of compact branches. Photograph: Charlie Veron.Montipora hirsuta. Philippines. Branches. Photograph: Charlie Veron.Montipora hirsuta. Philippines. Branch detail. Photograph: Charlie Veron.Montipora vietnamensis. Philippines. Plates. Photograph: Charlie Veron.Pocillopora ankeli. Philippines. Colonies have prostrate branches. Photograph: Doug Fenner.Pocillopora ankeli. Philippines. Surface detail showing crowded verrucae. Photograph: Doug Fenner.Stylocoeniella cocosensis. Philippines. Surface of an encrusting colony, showing fine coenosteum spinules and few coenosteum sty

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