Video : Tank crossing river in Siberia, Russia

Youtube travel video - 'Tank crossing river in Siberia, Russia'. This is a top rated video clip taken in the destination of Chara in the province of Zabaykalsky Krai in the country of Russia. You can use the video player menu to view full screen, or click on the link below to see more videos by this publisher. All videos on this site are displayed according to YouTube Terms of Service

Tank crossing river in Siberia Russia near smal town Chara. Siberia off road Expedition 2009. We will take you into the real world of adventure. More video in Tanque de travessia do rio, na Sibéria, Rússia シベリア、ロシアの戦車渡河 Réservoir traversée de la rivière en Sibérie, en Russie 시베리아, 러시아의 탱크 교차로 강 Tanque de cruce del río en Siberia, Rusia Tank Kreuzung Fluss in Sibirien, Russland خزان معبر نهر في سيبيريا وروسيا