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Hello Hoppers! I never thought I would do a video on How to Find Your Seat on a Plane, but there are always people who hold up the line when boarding because they don't know where their seat is. I hope they watch this video!!!! PLEASE NOTE: I forgot to mention that some planes do not have the letter "I" as it may be confused with the number "1". So the lettering goes HJK. This scheme may clear things up for you. You are facing the FRONT of the plane and the seats are as follows.... window 1A 1B 1C aisle 1D 1E 1F 1G aisle 1H 1J 1K window window 2A 2B 2C aisle 2D 2E 2F 2G aisle 2H 2J 2K window window 3A 3B 3C aisle 3D 3E 3F 3G aisle 3H 3J 3K window SUBSCRIBE to my channels: ENGLISH: SPANISH:ñol If you have any questions or want to see more go to: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: PINTEREST: PERISCOPE: MuchoHop SNAPCHAT: MuchoHop Camera used in this video: Canon PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera USA: ES: DE: Thanks for watching Hoppers. XXOO MuchoHop
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