Geneva One day Pass

Geneva One day Pass is located in the destination of Geneva in the canton of Geneva in the country of Switzerland. You can use the links below for more details, photos and reviews, and to check real time availability and pricing.

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Tour Type : Attractions

Information This one-day pass entitles you to three wonderful mini-train or tram rides. Each of them shows you different aspects of the lovely multi-faceted city of Geneva.

You can take the rides in any order. Just check the tram timetables, choose a starting point and off you go!

Step back in time when you tour the beautiful Old Town with its maze of cobbled streets and historic cathedral.

Come back to more modern times for the circuit which shows you Geneva's glorious parks, gardens and fine statues.

Appreciate the city's global nature when you take the tour of the international sector, which also reveals stunning panoramas of the city from the hills above the lake.

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Geneva One day Pass
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