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1800 Miles Sailing to Weather - Marshall Islands to FijiUmu - tradiční příprava jídla | Traditional umu, Kaleveleve on Futuna islandTuvalu by bicycle #1tuitogaFunafala Tuvalu (2005)matakavikiPůlnoční mše v Ono na Futuně | Midnight mass at Ono, Futuna | La messe de minuit a Ono, FutunaApproaching : Funafuti, TUVALU #1Die deutschen Matrosen aus Tuvaluツバルの浸水The German Seafarers of Tuvalu98 (1996) De wereld van Boudewijn Büch - Tuvalu 1Futuna - Poi - St. Pierre Chanel cathedral viewNature - Lost paradiseTuvalu by bicycle #2Futuna - přílet z Wallisu | Flying to Futuna Island (from Wallis)Tuvalu by bicycle #5Mše svátku Sv. rodiny | Feast of the Holy Family mass | Tuatafa, FutunaTuvalu by bicycle #3Tuvalu by bicycle #499 (1996) De wereld van Boudewijn Büch - Tuvalu 2Tuvalu by bicycle #6Tuvalu by bicycle #7Song and dance on Nukufetau atoll, Tuvalu (2)Pouť do Poi | Pilgrimage to Poi | Pelegrinage a Poi | Futuna 2009Song and dance on Nukufetau atoll, Tuvalu (1)INNAMORATEVI!Tuvalu by bicycle #8 The Narrow Pointboat trip in TUVALUloka

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