Video : Masrah Masr in UAE

Youtube travel video - 'Masrah Masr in UAE'. This is a top rated video clip taken in the destination of Al Hujaymah in the emirate of Abu Dhabi in the country of United Arab Emirates. You can use the video player menu to view full screen, or click on the link below to see more videos by this publisher. All videos on this site are displayed according to YouTube Terms of Service

“Masrah Masr” is a new type of plays on which Al Hayat TV channel had got the exclusive right to broadcast and show it to its audiences all over the world, and it was shown under the name (Teiatro Masr) which is the Arabic translation of “Egypt Theater”, then MBC MASR, which is one of the MBC group the biggest TV Group in the Middle East, bought the exclusive rights to broadcast the play in its screen, after the massive success to the shows of the play, “MASRAH MASR” is not one play it is a serious of plays, each has different scenario and story shown as episodes each with different title and context but we could classify if under comedy, sarcastic, family category, the exciting part is that in the shows at Emirates there will be totally new and very exciting shows, which will be played for the first time ever.