Massala Indian Dining

Massala Indian Dining is located in the destination of Cobham in the country of England in the country of United Kingdom. You can use the links below for more details, photos and reviews, and to check real time availability and pricing.

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Information A beautifully appointed restaurant in the affluent town of Cobham in Surrey, Massala Indian Dining is where celebrated chefs Sunil Sinha and Pradeep Asawa combine their skills and experiences to offer the finest authentic Indian cuisine to Cobham diners. At Massala, the staff have taken ancient Indian recipes and adapted them using the best ingredients, herbs and spices to create the finest Indian dishes available. Most of the dishes are cooked in a special charcoal fired clay tandoor oven, giving the cuisine a unique flavour and allowing the meats to remain succulent and tender. Massala is owned and run by renowned chefs Sunil Sinha and Pradeep Asawa. Chef Sunil specialises in tandoor and seafood dishes, including lobster and whole sea bass, whilst Chef Pradeep has previously cooked for HRH Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana on their state tour of India in 1992, as well as the late Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India. Massala uses fresh produce wherever possible and does

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Massala Indian Dining
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