The London Bridge Experience and the London Tombs

The London Bridge Experience and the London Tombs is located in the destination of London in the country of England in the country of United Kingdom. You can use the links below for more details, photos and reviews, and to check real time availability and pricing.

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Information Come and experience one of London's most exciting and scary attraction's - The London Bridge Experience and the London Tombs - in the vault of the world's most famous bridge. Expect the unexpected as a thrilling combination of special effects, real characters and animation take you from the bridge's creation in Roman times, through to the opening of the modern day bridge. Descend deeper into the bridge and visit the London Tombs for an adrenalin-pumping experience - definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Your experience starts from the moment you arrive as you enter via Tooley Street, right under London Bridge itself, and there's a good chance some of the characters from inside the attraction will be out and about to greet you.

The first section offers an exciting, chilling and educational experience through a historical tour of 2000 years of London Bridge’s history brought to life by first class actors and stunning special effects. See, hear, feel, taste even smell what London Bridge was like over the ages. Interact with the characters, shout with the Vikings, dress up as the Roman and pull down the London Bridge. It’s a fun adventure through time. Highlights include insights from Queen Boudicca, Charles Dickens & The Keeper of Heads and the artefacts in the Peter Jackson Collection.

The second half of the attraction is The London Tombs – a terrifying trip into the catacombs to be confronted by the zombies and ghosts who remain. Formerly a Plague pit, the London Tombs will excite you, scare you, make your pulse race and your throat sore from screaming. Walking through the underground tunnels in the dark may seem exciting; just ensure you do not wander off, as you really may never be found!

A truly interactive experience featuring the latest in digital animatronics, the tour seeks to educate, to excite and to leave lasting memories of the world's most famous bridge, and it's fascinating 2000 year history.

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The London Bridge Experience and the London Tombs
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