Sunset Bungalows Resort, Vanuatu - Policies & Payment Options

Policies & payment options at Sunset Bungalows Resort, Vanuatu, an accomodation provider of the type 'Resort', located in the destination of Port Vila in the country of Vanuatu. Resort policies may vary according to the room type and/or dates selected, all applicable policies and payment options are clearly displayed during the availability check and booking process. Best online rate is always guaranteed and free cancellation is available as indicated. You can pay Sunset Bungalows Resort, Vanuatu with any of the credit cards listed below, or in cash.

Important Information

Information Please note that Sunset Bungalows Resort is an adults only, and children under 18 years of age cannot be accommodated at this property. Please note that a 3% surcharge applies for payments with Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Please note that Sunset Bungalows Resort does not accept payments with American Express credit cards. Please note that Sunset Bungalows Resort cannot accommodate children under 18 years of age.

Payment Currency [VUV]

Information You can compare room prices in many currencies when checking availability, but payment is always in the currency specified by the resort.

Useful tip Best online price is always guaranteed regardless of currency

Deposits & Cancellations

Information Most reservations do not require an advance payment or deposit. If they do you will see this clearly stated during the booking process.

Useful tip Look for 'Free Cancellation' room types if you're not exactly sure about this booking. Free cancellation is available for most rooms, if so you will be able to cancel free of charge until a few days before the check-in date.

Useful tip Room specific cancellation information is always shown for each room type, note that for special deals the cancellation policy can differ from the regular conditions policy.

Payment Terms & Conditions

Information Reservations for Sunset Bungalows Resort, Vanuatu are completed by our partner via their secure server.

Information Usually the payment for your stay is processed by the hotel during or after your stay, unless otherwise stated under 'Hotel Policies'.

Information Often a valid credit card is required to guarantee your reservation in the event of a late cancellation or no show. The hotel can decide to pre-authorise your credit card to ensure that the card is valid and has sufficient funds.

Useful tip Usually a valid credit card is required to secure a reservation but often bookings can be made without a card. Look for 'Reservation possible without a credit card' in the search results.

Credit Cards Accepted
American Express
UnionPay credit card
Best Online Price Guaranteed
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